+   Tide Protocol: An ecosystem for personal data

Client: Tide Foundation
Work: Identity, Print, Website (UX/UI), Illustration, Storyboard
Agency: Universal Favourite
Motion: Never Sit Still
Developer: Managed by the client


Blockchain. Crypto. It’s in. While others speak solely to the consumer, Tide uses this technology to create a personal data ecosystem that mutually benefits the consumer, business and marketer.


Tide illustrates a world where data runs the economy. We live online. Our data is our real estate. Elements that exist on the Tide protocol is constructed on an isometric grid, grounding the mark in a relatively new and largely unregulated digital landscape.


To bring Tide’s concept to life, their business cards ‘encrypt’ the card holder’s data.


“The business card (which there was some scepticism from some people internally initially) was a big hit – which for an ‘obsolete’ form of communication is really saying something. We had the EU privacy commissioner asking for two copies of the card so that he could scratch one and show other people the original. I lost count of how many people told me that it’s the best card they’ve ever seen.”

— Michael Loewy, Co-founder on Tide’s impact at SXSW 2019