+   The Darwin Challenge: Behavioural change for a better world

Client: Chris Darwin
Work: User interface (iOS app), Art direction, Website (Squarespace)
Agency: Universal Favourite
Illustration: Janine Rewell


  1. Good Design Award® 2018 Gold in Digital Design/Apps & Software
  2. Good Design Award® 2018 in Social Impact
  3. AGDA Awards 2017 Distinction & Judge's Choice in 'Digital'
  4. AGDA Awards 2017 Distinction in 'Design for Good'
  5. Best Awards 2017 Silver in 'Interaction (Applications)'
  6. W3 Awards 2017 Silver in 'Mobile Sites/Apps'


With one, clear message — eat less meat for your own good, for others and for the planet — the app challenges and encourages people to have meatless days, by rewarding effort and creating (friendly) competition.


Personal gratification can be found in earning 'badges' that transform a barren landscape into one that flourishes as the user logs more meatless days. Users can track the impact they leave on themselves, others and our planet with 10 measured metrics. 


This meat reduction challenge is a pilot to a broader habit-forming movement for the good of ourselves, others and the planet.