Design & Direction


The Darwin Challenge

Client: Chris Darwin
Agency: Universal Favourite
Development: Work In Progress
Illustration: Janine Rewell


Chris Darwin came to us to refine user flows and design the user interface of The Darwin Challenge app.  With one message — eat less meat for your own good, for others and for the planet — the app challenges and encourages people to have meatless days, by rewarding effort and creating (friendly) competition. It had to spread, cue the ability to create and join groups to see everyone's progress overall, within industries and within each group itself.

Personal gratification can be found in earning 'badges' that transform a barren landscape into one that flourishes as the user logs more meatless days. Users can track the impact they leave on themselves, others and our planet with 10 measured metrics. 

Interested? Learn more or download the app here.



AGDA Awards 2017 winner, Distinction & Judge's Choice in 'Digital' and Distinction in 'Design for Good'.

Best Awards 2017 winner, Silver in 'Interaction (Applications)'

W3 Awards 2017 winner, Silver in 'Mobile Sites/Apps'

Good Design Award® 2018 winner, Gold in Digital Design/Apps & Software and Software and Winner in Social Impact


First Data Merchant Solutions

Client: First Data
Agency: Universal Favourite
Photography: Tanya Zouev

What happens when a partnership comes to an end?

We had to let employees, merchants and channel partners know of a change — the end of a 10-year partnership with Bankwest Merchant Services and what that means. And let's be honest, payment solutions (and finance) can be rather dry, this could have been a 'notice of death' email and/or letter.

But the brand needed an injection of life. Because it's not about the 'death' of a partnership, it's the chance to excite all involved with what sprouts from this. 

New imagery, new interactive product explorer, a campaign of new collateral.



Agency: Universal Favourite
Development: Website (Chop Chop) / App (Helix)

Skip the traditional agency and connect directly with those responsible for the care of your property.

126 wireframe, design, development and review rounds later, we've produced a website and application as well-groomed as an estate agent for entrepreneur Jared Keen, or Keeno the Perfectionist, on his latest venture — a marketplace for property owners looking for that one-of-a-kind, independent property manager.

From getting matches, comparing them, messaging, assigning a favourite to signing a management agreement — you'll find a property manager who's the right match instantly, right here, all online.

*Preferred concept featured, developed concept here.



Agency: Universal Favourite

Lines of logic, a blueprint to any space which when steered in the right direction, elevates a fundamental idea into one that leaves an impression.

Creative wisdom and wonder. That's what we aimed to execute in creating the logo, business cards, presentation templates and custom display typeface in this to-the-point identity suite for interior architecture studio CoMa, led by Mariela Sverdloff (whose character is too big for her frame!).

More about the project here.


Love Your Leftovers Android Adaptation

Client: Holroyd City Council
Agency: Universal Favourite
Development: Luke Sleeman

What do we want? A wider audience. And how about a meal planner and shopping list too?

With the success of the iOS app (also designed by Universal Favourite, though not by me), Holroyd City Council (now Cumberland Council) wanted to push the initiative further and add additional functionality.

Say hello to an initiative that not only preaches loving your leftovers, guides you on how you can reuse your leftovers but also plan and manage meals from the get-go.

Grab it here.


Flanagan Brown-Greaves

Agency: Universal Favourite

An illustrative approach to a basic piece of marketing collateral. With a bright palette, we avoided down-in-the-dumps imagery, or on the other end of the spectrum, effulgent stock photography — both of which are saturated visuals within the industry.

With the seven program strategies at the core of what they do (a whole lot in the health and wellbeing space), it was essential what was illustrated was an accurate depiction of each initiative on offer in Flanagan Brown-Greave's new holistic approach to workplace wellbeing.



Bench (UX)
Accenture Digital (Illustration)
Westpac: Future of Work (Prezi Presentation)
The Wrap Up (Concept & Design)





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